how have i sunk into that

by rawXman

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released November 22, 2013

produced by Rawman
co-produced & engineered by Kirill Kozyurin (SDC Records)
mixed & mastered by Alexey Sozykin
banjo & additional guitar by Alexandr Reiter
backing whoa (and other words) by Ruslan Vislin, Alexandr Reiter and Kirill Kozyurin
artwork by Vini Costa (
design by Anna Leonidovna & Dima




rawXman Novosibirsk, Russia

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Track Name: face forward stage dives are made for dummies
oh! holy shit
the superman gets closer to me
and every finger will be poke
this buddy from his head to the knee
hey chummy i beg you
back forward, back forward
'cause you know, it's better than

touch your willy
is not pleasure
don't you know some
old school lessons

your face will be smashed
you can't fly so high
so awkward and silly
no brains, but tough guy
well you know
your kids always catch your back
so don't be a schmuck
Track Name: shepherd's hands
so when the hell this world
will slow down and down
shake the dirty wars off
clear of nasty sounds

without a shame and getting numb
you can look at my eyes
and anwser me how dare you
to make this crimes

standing on the edge
and choosing what is right
you forget what you came for
absorbed the message
crooked in shepherd's hands
became the someone who got under control

the well filled by spitting
will strike back someday
the butterfly wing
turns the skies into gray
this is the end of the world
'cause everyone's heart turned cold

but sometimes i have to say
i see the light in the eyes
realize a lot can be changed

under control
you can stand this all
under control
don't loose your mind and soul
Track Name: when the trees were tall
Hey! Do you remember when the trees were tall
We listened to the heart call
We dreamed to conquer Mars
To revive a human breed
New order
Throw the shit out we don't need

Teaching for over many years
they put us to the way of crimes
did you forget those times?
And seeing the suffering someones
you trying to help 'em like it's your sons

losing naivety is losing something more
new solid walls and closed doors

but in spite of whole baseness, my friend
you could stand all the sermons, you could stand

not losing face
choose your way
and follow it
make strong your beliefs
Track Name: jakuten
shōhi suru!
omae wa sugu ni shine shimaimasu
omae wa me ga mienai
itsuwari kara shinjitsu o kubetsu
suru koto wa dekinai

omae ga kiteiru kegawa
sore wa hokademonai
shakai-teki chii no
shikibetsu fugō

atarimae no yō ni

omae wa jibun ni uso o tsuku
shikashi kangae naose
omae wa honshitsu o tsuite inai
sore ga omae o yowaku suru

'se kai ni he iwao!'
to sakebu
omae ni wa

nazenara omae wa
sandoo shinai ya tsura o
juu omotte
Track Name: justified black eye
she was confused and abused in this life
emotional and violent moments
seemed to take the longest time
every single knockout dragout
fight they ever had
he starts to Laugh he starts to lie
with suddenly psychotic eyes

every night she cried herself
to sleep she didn't recognize
her own face in the mirror
black & blue
so afraid intimidation
like a child she hides away
he would always try to justify
what wasn't true

justified black eye

taken for granted
she sleeps by the phone
waiting for a call from him
seems he's never coming home
14 beers later he is there without an answer
once again she questions his lies
he goes to bed with no reply

tomorrow morning different story
and he'll be a different guy
he'll justify her black eye
with another lie
she packs her bags in great temptation
he's on his knees again he cries
a hug & a kiss and don't know why
as a tear drops from her swollen eye
apologies until tonight and another

justified black eye
Track Name: in the land of the living dead
i will not dying in your arms
or beating glasses in our house
and getting sick of lies you're keep in private room
you can not stab me in the back
and drink the blood out of my neck
you'll always be the one who never get in bloom

lacking of shadow, the shape is untrue
the words that you told me can't get my head through
you said me "my darling please stop play the fool"
with an ax in your head staying in the bottom of the pool

i must be hard as nails
with rough hands
and apathy
i know she'll wake someday
the sun will come down
and burn everything away

utopian dreams come true in the land
where the living deads got the hole in the heads
grab the hayfork and shovel let's go to the hunt
we'll see who's the punk and who is fucking scum

forever alone
Track Name: welcome to the satan's fair
cold war
disorders, murders everywhere
the days ends. look up
atheists pray
i can't live like this
full of fears
'cause life looks like hell
welcome to the satan's fair

no rules, no laws
in this world
it looks like
we are sold
nobody cares what the hell are surround them
destroy the system
please somebody help us!

the sun will go out and then
will be no blame, no pain
make tremble us before
no troubles anymore
the darkness sky will come
humanity will drown
and everything will clear
and it's my pleasant dream

cold street
heart still beat
i'm loose control
my novacaine is rock'n'roll
we destroy our souls
everything is lost
stop kill the Earth
please somebody help us!

the sun will go out and then
will be no blame, no pain
make tremble us before
no damage anymore
the darkness sky will come
humanity will drown
and everything will clear
and it's my pleasant dream