to wandering blasphemers

by rawXman

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Produced by rawXman. Engineered by Georgiy Poleshchuk. Mixed by Alex Reiter. All words and music by rawXman except "Wish Me Well" by The Bouncing Souls. Fuck copyrights. Cover illustration: Stacey Flo

rawXman - vocals, guitar, mandolin, kazoo
Stacey Flo - vocals, ukulele
Semyon Kolmykov - tin whistle, backing vocals
Yuri Lytkin - mandolin, backing vocals
Sergey Baldin - backing vocals
Georgiy Poleshchuk - backing vocals
Kostya - backing vocals
Vyacheslav Novoselov - backing vocals
Pasha Bachurin - backing vocals


released July 5, 2017




rawXman Novosibirsk, Russia

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Track Name: Captured by the Road
i don't pay a hundred bucks for wheels
i'm skilled enough, the trip gives thrills
the ticket to get somewhere, there's no need
the only things i need in there
good fellows, vegan food, fresh air
if i head a soul i'd know the best way to keep

hey, stop your car and please pick me up
to the city i hike
so many miles left behind
you don't know me
but the way you ride is mine

i busked to get some cash today
to leave the lines i want to say
i booked some nearest shows
to go farther away
i heard stay home to settle down
but this is not my kind of town
before i decay
i'll find my bay

the roads uniting
the boarders dividing
so ink on my body
to never forget
the roads uniting
the boarders dividing
it tells me
how we met

i have friends sometime they wine to me
"i'm just like old put down roots tree
i've got a dream to watch the world to see
the place i've never been"
get out it's not your dream ma man
take everything you need you can
your job is not your jail
tailwind for your sail
Track Name: 54 is Going to Hell
this city won't let you love
this city gives you a scowl
when the night is coming
everyone looks like a criminal

ubiquitous triple stripes
trash and trendy scum,
all unconcerned and fascist fucks
such a magnificent dump

i would say i like these streets
and the yards i can walk the city by
but i won't stay here to die

the more i socialize
the more i d'wanna do
i see the same thing in the eyes
full of black and blue

i fearfully look at the face
afraid to see the foe
i feel i gotta change it
but this city can't let me go

i would say i like these streets
and the yards i can walk the city by
but i won't stay here to die

and all my friends
they leave this place
only louts are staying here
i have to face

some say you belong
to the place where you were born
but home is where the heart is
the truly thing i know
Track Name: The Only Place, The Only Race
this land is your land
this land is my land
i see no borders
no flags and nations
hey politicians
make war each other
but this lands belong
to you and me

yeah, i have a homeland too
but it's bigger than yours
it's much more various
and it's able to meet all the neads
you still can't get enough
keep dividing the Earth make me laugh
(never getting enough)

until we find other worlds, 'nother place
there's only one race
the earthlings
raise your fist and keep singing woah

so fuck your nationalism
we are all earthlings

think global
act local

this is my planet
this is your planet
i see no borders
no bloody soldiers
let politicians
kill each other
but this lands belong
to you and me

твоя земля
моя земля
здесь нет границ
флагов и наций
совсем не важно
какой язык родной
весь этот мир
для нас с тобой

твоя планета
моя планета
здесь нет границ
флагов и наций
воюйте сами
весь мир един
для нас с тобой
Track Name: Wish Me Well
I've got to be me, baby, and you gotta be you
Something isn't right but I know I love you
I only want what's best
I don't know, is this some kind of test
Yeah and you're failing, all we do is bicker

Say goodbye
Kiss my ass I hope you die
Wish me well
You can go to hell

We were so different a short time ago
Love is suppose to make us happy, supposed to make us grow
But I just wanna punch you in the face
I love you, I guess I needed some space
Oh well another time and another place

Say goodbye
Kiss my ass I hope you die
Wish me well
You can go to hell

Say goodbye
Kiss my ass I hope you die
Wish me well
You can go to hell
Track Name: Doesn't Come Around
he murdered
and got away with it
he stole
but he's off the hook
nobody likes to be a fool
but you still believe in justice
these reckless fables of moral
from the ramshackle book

"god will choose the punishment of yours"
the last heart-rending cry
you will take it
going six feet underground

what comes around doesn't come around
there's no justice no rightness no karma no god
don't you see you just fucked your life up
what comes around doesn't come around
giving a hand you'll be thrown into the mud

disgraceful beings, we're made of different blood

their gods have mercy to them
so they keep sowing mayhem
the churches were bought
all you have to do is complain
to atone for the sin
the crucifix on the skin
the sign allowing new order to build
it doesn't matter for whose glory of the name

you only live once
so never ever
let be led a pretty dance
blind faith is self-deception
don't give it a chance

just remember, the world that you know
doesn't owe you a thing
you take too much
but what can you bring?
just remember, the world
doesn't owe you a thing